VIBHACLOUDERP as a human resources
information system (HRIS)


Free HRIS in VIBHACLOUDERP comes with over 25 free HR tools, such as private social network, absence chart, shared calendars, document management, resume storage, employee portal, leave requests, employee workload planning, tasks and project management, to name a few. Over 2500 HR departments, staffing agencies and professional recruiters use social HR solutions from VIBHACLOUDERP, Inc.


The cloud version of VIBHACLOUDERP is 100% free for up to 12 users and comes with 5GB worth of online document storage for all your HR management needs. A self-hosted version that you can put on your server and integrate with other HR software, such as payroll, is available.

It helps companies adopt new business models, manage business change at speed, orchestrate internal and external resources, and use the predictive power of AI. Benefit from tight, native integration between processes, industry depth, and a consistent in-memory data model. 

Centralized Searchable Employee Directory

  • Customizable employee profiles
  • Contact information (phone, e-mail, social profiles)
  • Instant get in touch (chat, group chat, video chat)
  • Search by skills or interests
  • Staff Changes/Employee timeline

AD/LDAP/NTLM integration

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Cloud ERP by Strength Building quality

ERPinCloud connects with the leading e-commerce portals like ebay, Amazon & Magento seamlessly powering on-time delivery to customers. 

Quality Control

Quality Control Module checks the quality of raw materials and finished goods in each and every stage. This Module is linked with every department in an enterprise. A process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained perfectly. 

Production Management

cloud based ERP software integrates these various functions into one complete system to streamline processes and information across the entire organization.