Web Solutions

Web Designing

Adaptive is popular for its cutting edge website design services. Building on more than five years experience, we have developed a usability checklist that we always practice to evaluate the user experience of the websites. During the design phase we ensure that the design and navigation will meet the requirements of the users.

Web Development

If the website is the only platform for your business sales and it plays a significant role to improve the corporate brand, the websites functionality is very crucial as it brings credibility to your company. Adaptive ’s developers use standard and time tested techniques along with rigid testing methodologies to ensure the following:

Consistent: To make sure that your website exhibits similar behavior to all the users, when accessed on different browsers, including for the users with accessibility difficulties

Efficacious: To ensure that website is always operative, thus producing good and continuous revenue.

Secure: To safeguard that the website cannot be hacked which could risk you and your client’ssecurity.

Effective: Covering all the phases – from strategy, marketing, design to the programming and testing ofthe final product – Adaptive team delivers you a perfect website which can be your best sales tool.


Content Management System

In this fast-moving economy, it is important to adapt and enhance your business at a moment’s notice and at your convenience. There are a number of feature-rich, time-tested applications which can allow you to add, modify or remove pages within your website easily with no programming knowledge required.

Additionally, due to the large developer communities associated with these systems, new drop-in functionality is being built and contributed at all times which can be leveraged to create more effective website on an ongoing basis.

So wondering what technologies do our expert team use to satisfy your needs well here is a list for some of them WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, SMF, MyBB

E-commerce Solutions

VIBHA Interactive provides e-Business consulting services which encompasses all the major aspects of Internet technologies. In this process our programmers create intuitively laid out, visually appealing, cross browser compatible, fast downloading and well branded websites. This ensures that your desired image is portrayed effectively while ensuring the easy access of the websites irrespective of the user.

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